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Beauty Brand Spotlight: Glossier

Hi all! I'm not sure If I've ever introduced myself on here before but my name is Jessica and I'm the content creator behind the Mod&Soul blog! I also have a personal blog called Belle Adore where I talk more about fashion and beauty! 

I also recently became a brand representative for the ever-growing beauty brand, Glossier. Maybe you're already devotee like the rest of their 367K Instagram followers or maybe heard your friends rave on about the brand...either way, once you try one product, you will be hooked!

 Their uniquely cute packaging, heavenly marketing, and mission to simplify beauty routines attracts beauty lovers everywhere. Their mission is to create beauty products for the everyday - like it says on their packages, "skin first, makeup second, smile always." If you're looking to to revamp your beauty routine and take a more streamlined approach to your products, Glossier is here to help. 


As a brand rep, I get to try out most of the new products and share my experience and thoughts with all of you! I use my Glossier products everyday and can honestly say that they have changed my entire approach to beauty routine. Here are some of my favorite products.

1. Priming Moisturizer Rich - Glossier just launched this moisturizer and it is a game changer! It compares to some of the most luxurious face creams on the market but this one is only $35. This moisturizer has ingredients that help to combat redness and locks in the moisture so your face doesn't feel tight or dry. Just like their original priming moisturizer, this one is great to wear under your makeup as well!


2. Boy Brow - If I had to pick a favorite Glossier product, it would have to be their Boy Brow. It's the perfect product to swipe on your brows to fill them in, give them a little shape, and just finish of your look. On days that I'm not wearing a full face of makeup, I'll still use boy brow to feel just the least bit put together. 


3. Stretch Concealer - Another staple in my beauty product collection is their concealer! I use it mainly under my eye to seamlessly cover any dark circles that It blends perfectly into your skin and makeup to give you a fresh, I got 8+ hours of sleep, look!


4. Balm Dot Com - I've gone through quite a few tubes of the balm dot coms. I have one of these with me at all time - in my coat pocket, my makeup pouch, a purse, or in my car - trust me, you will never find me without one. The product is great to use on your lips, cuticles, or any dry area you might have. The rose or cherry flavors are great if you want a slight pink/red tint and the coconut one reminds me of summer and sunshine! 


If you have any questions about my specific beauty routine of questions about Glossier products in general, feel free to leave a comment below!

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