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Rethink Your Summer Staples! - MOD&SOUL - Contemporary Women's Clothing

Rethink Your Summer Staples!

July marks the middle of the summer season - but while temperatures reach their peak, your outfit inspiration may be hitting a lull. The same thing happens every season - after your fresh, new clothes are worn a few times, you gravitate toward the same uniform, whether it be athletic shorts and a t-shirt or an A-line sundress. But different variations of the same outfit can leave us feeling bored and uninspired - and in turn, make us feel the urge to go all-out on a shopping spree. 

Before you drive yourself crazy feeling like you have "nothing to wear," make sure you have a few staples in your closet - things that you can mix with virtually anything. The only thing you might need to spark your creativity is a fresh outlook on how to mix and match the items you already have. And, if you don't happen to already own these basic, transitional pieces - you shouldn't feel too guilty about spending the money on what's basically an investment!


Well-fitted denim shorts: High-wasited, low-rise, super tiny or bermuda - denim shorts are a quintessential summer item. I recommend a medium wash pair, which are easiest to dress up or down. Whichever length you choose, try not to go too extreme - just make sure it's the most comfortable for you.

Usually paired with: a basic t-shirt or tank top

Try: the same basic t-shirt with delicate gold jewelry for a simple look; a white button-down (tucked in or loose) for a classic look; a semi-sheer blouse or off-the-shoulder top for a nicer look; and a loose t-shirt or blouse with block heels for a trendy look.


White tank top: Again, fit is everything: a loose tank top is best, for both keeping cool and for versatility. Make sure it's not sheer enough that you'd need to add another layer (again, the goal is to keep cool!)

Usually paired with: denim shorts

Try: White jeans (that are about the same shade) and gold jewelry for a sophisticated, monochromatic look; loose, flowy shorts for a fun look; high-waisted pants (tapered or wide-leg) for a nicer look; and if you don't have a classic white tank, try getting one with a hint of detail, like this one below:


Basic sundress: This could be a lot of things, but everybody has one in their closet. Mine isn't a solid color, but instead a thin-striped, trapeze-style dress that is the perfect length and cost $16. Yours could be white, black, blue, orange, A-line or trapeze.

Usually paired with: sandals (boring!)

Try: a pair of block heels and a pair of huge earrings for a dressier look; a sheer sweater layered on top for chillier evenings or indoor events; a wide-brimmed hat for flair (and sun protection); and a bandana tied around your neck and gladiator sandals for a fun, trendy look.


And there you have it - 16 different ways to approach the same old, same old. And if you need a new accessory or shoe to change things up, or still want to satisfy that midsummer shopping spree - check out Mod&Soul for the perfect pieces. 

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