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Cozy Ruffle Sweater - MOD&SOUL - Contemporary Women's Clothing

Cozy Ruffle Sweater

Around this time of year, it gets harder and harder to have enough motivation to dress up on a daily basis. The days are short and we've pulled out our puffy winter jackets (that basically cover our entire outfits). We start to opt for comfy athleisure outfits whenever we're not in work or meetings. But we shouldn't have to sacrifice style and comfort!
We've put together a simple outfit that is perfect for everyday and can be taken from day to night and everything in between. Start off with a pair of jeans and your favorite pair of booties. We love these cognac colored ankle booties for just about every occasion! 
This sweater is the perfect mix of comfy, cute, and sophisticated. Wear it with a simple outfit to make your look polished yet still easy to wear! The mock turtleneck is perfectly in style and the ribbed ruffle details adds so much character and whimsy to the outfit. No doubt, people will be asking you wear you got your outfit!
We've added new arrivals to the site recently that would complete any simple outfit. Like this trumpet sleeve sweater ...pair it with a black skirt and riding boots or black denim with booties for an instant classic look. Or this yellow ruffle sweater that we featured on the blog a few weeks ago. We love this super chunky turtleneck with adorable bell sleeves. This just screams 'winter white' to us!
Check out more looks like this on Mod& comment below your favorite new arrival on the site! 
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